Julianna outside CourtEach year the Law Centre hosts students from local school and those studying at University or College. We offer the opportunity to sit in on triage sessions with clients and to attend court sessions. There may be the opportunity to do some research and to get involved with the reception duties. Students will get to see all aspects of the Law Centre’s activity from casework, to fundraising and campaigning.

If you are interested in becoming a law student, please contact Fiona McCrum on 01228 515129, or email her at and she will give you more information.

Julianna Gallop (pictured here on the left), one of our Law Student volunteers, recently took part in a mooting competition with a fellow Law Student.  Julianna and her colleague won the competition, which is great news!  Julianna said: “Being able to stand in front of a Judge in Crown Court and present my argument was an amazing experience. It allowed me to show my skills in research, preparation and advocacy. It has shown me what it will be like to practice as a Barrister and i look forward to putting the skills i have learned to good use.”

Here are some quotes from past and current students:

“I have always wanted to go into Legal Aid work.  After seeing how grateful and relieved clients are, even after the first meeting, it is now definitely something I wish to pursue.”

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity to see first hand what happens in a Legal Aid practice.  I have enjoyed all of it and I just want to thank you all for the experience.”

“It has been fantastic to be involved in such a crucial service to the county and to have the opportunity to put my knowledge into practice.  The team create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere too which has made this such a great experience.”

“My experience at the Law Centre has helped me learn about the areas of law I didn’t know much about, for example Employment Law.  Seeing how different issues affect different people has made me want to further my law career’

“Volunteering as a law student at Cumbria Law Centre has changed my viewpoint on Social Welfare Law.  The work that the Law Centre does is invaluable in society and any praise they receive is very well deserved.”’

‘Thank you very much for providing work experience for me at CLC.  I enjoyed my time here greatly and am especially grateful that you and the rest of the staff at CLC were so welcoming and keen to help me understand the fields of Law in which CLC specialises in, whilst giving me an invaluable insight into the functioning of solicitors offices.’

‘This week has definitely engaged my interest in the law and was especially useful in presenting areas of law less obvious than those such as crime or family, but proving them to be fascinating none the less.  This week has proved that specialising in things like employment, housing or WB are definite options for me and has also helped me to decide that I might not want to work in a private practice, rather work in a Law Centre/Legal Aid’

‘I’ve enjoyed my time at Cumbria Law Centre.  It’s great to deliver a free service to a vulnerable client group. During Triage, I have had the opportunity to observe an array of cases, and it has helped me to understand the methods used to bring successful claims.  It’s been a great work environment’

‘I found my time at Cumbria Law Centre to be very engaging.  Throughout my time here I have learnt about so many different areas of Law.  I really admire the staff group at CLC and really appreciated how welcome they all made me feel.  I have had an amazing time at the CLC.  I have really loved meeting new people and hearing their stories about how they entered this field of Law.  This experience has helped to decide that I want specialise in human rights more and help people that have problems  within the areas of Law that the Law Centre specialises in.  I’m happy to say that what I have learnt here will be used to assist family and friends who may need help in similar situations by signposting them to Law Centres.’

‘I found my time at CLC to be a very interesting and enjoyable experience.  I enjoyed sitting in and listening to the Triage sessions and doing basic social welfare  research.  I was made to feel very welcome and found everyone to be really friendly and very easy to talk to.  I got to experience the perfect balance of tasks.  Any task I was asked to do was explained clearly.  Although I was a volunteer, I was treated like a member of staff and felt it was really easy to get on with other staff members.’

Sandra and Laura Goode

Law Student, Laura Goode, pictured here on the right with volunteer Sandra Jackson, attended the Law Centre’s outreach at Eden Housing Association in Penrith to assist a caseworker with Discretionary Housing Payment applications on behalf of clients.  Afterwards, Laura said:

“I was given the opportunity to assist in aiding Eden Housing Association clients to fill out Discretionary Housing Payment forms.  Visiting Eden Housing Association has provided me with an experience, vastly different to what I have done at the Law Centre so far.  As a Law Student my involvement provided me with an opportunity to learn more about this legal process.  It was also a great feeling, knowing that I was helping some of Eden Housing’s clients worst affected by the implications of the Bedroom Tax, with something which had the potential to solve or assist them in overcoming their financial difficulties. I want to thank Fiona and Michael for the opportunity and look forward to contributing further in the future.”