Management Committee

The Management Committee is a voluntary group of people with the key role of ensuring that Cumbria Law Centre fulfills all its legal obligations and operates efficiently and according to good practice guidelines.

The Committee also ensures that the Law Centre best meets the needs of our local communities, debating the priorities for future work, and governing long term decision making.
We have an elected Management Committee to reflect our local community. We are also grateful for the contribution of elected members of Carlisle, Allerdale and Copeland Councils.

Some of the things our Management Committee are involved in include:

• Raising issues of local concern, and continuing to debate on the work the Law Centre should do
• Promotion and awareness raising, to make sure that the Law Centre is well known in the area it serves
• Working with the Law Centre’s staff to ensure that quality standards are being met
• Devising the Law Centre’s business plan, and monitoring its implementation
• Making sure the Law Centre is fulfilling its responsibilities as an employer of paid staff
• Financial matters, for example, budget reviewing, fundraising and planned service developments

If you would be interested in joining our Management Committee, please email

Our current Management Committee members are:

John Masson – Chair
Viv Lewis – Vice Chair
John Hunston – Treasurer
Andy Malik – Individual
John Nicol – Individual
Ashley Tiffen – Individual
Nicola Lynch – Individual
Laura Rutherford – Individual