Am I eligible for help?

Cumbria Law Centre is dedicated to helping individuals who are on low incomes. We prioritise those whose cases are of an emergency nature, such as an impending repossession etc. It is a key part of our charitable aims to promote social justice by helping people access proper and fair treatment under the law.

For this reason we will do a short means test with you at your appointment. If you are in receipt of certain means-tested benefits then this will usually be sufficient, or if you have been referred through a funded project.

In the case of our legal aid work in housing, we have to satisfy quite strict criteria in order to access funding for the case. These are:

  • Is the subject matter within scope of the legal aid scheme?
  • Do you the client have an income below the threshold for legal aid?
  • Do you have assets below the threshold for legal aid?

You may need to provide evidence of the above in order to start your case and this may require you to produce bank statements, pay slips, or benefit award letters etc for our caseworker who will make the application for you.

Here is a link to the Legal Aid Agency’s eligibility criteria, for your reference:

Please note: as with all matters, do not hesitate to call us for more details.