Welfare Benefits case study

Welfare Benefits 2

A couple, Mr and Mrs Allison were both suffering from Parkinson’s disease and both in their late seventies. One partner was also undergoing chemotherapy for lymphoma. The local authority had recently reassessed their council tax benefit and had, erroneously, concluded that they owed £1400 including arrears for the previous year. The couple protested that this was incorrect but the local authority held firm. They asked for our help and we viewed their claim and requested that the local authority reassess the case. We drafted and submitted an appeal with them and this did indeed bring the requested reassessment. This resulted in an admission of error and £1341 being credited to their council tax account. Facing such adversity in their own health, this worry about how to pay their council tax was the last thing they needed and they were so very relieved when we had it corrected for them. The couple had been unable to manage this on their own, despite the fact that it was not a complex legal procedure. It still required an experienced advisor to see the error and make a plausible appeal.