Housing case study

Housing 2

Anna is a single mum, 30 years of age, who came to see us when she had been forced to leave her home due to bullying and harassment from neighbours. She had not long moved into her private rented house when she began to suffer verbal and eventually physical abuse from members of a family living opposite her. This culminated in a brick through her window and an assault on her personally, when her attacker, a young woman, pushed her way into Anna’s flat during the middle of the night. The attacker was successfully prosecuted, but Anna simply had to move out. She left with immediate effect and found a new place to live away from her previous troubles. However her landlord kept the whole deposit without any justification, simply citing ‘cleaning’ and repair of the window as the reasons, despite the fact this was caused by criminal damage. After a protracted process, we finally helped Anna to recover her full deposit which was vital in helping her to access new accommodation and move on with her life. £450 was a huge sum to her at that time and gave her a much needed opportunity to start again with her baby.