Debt case study

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Calming the chaos

Jennifer, 44 had experienced difficulty throughout her life. A dysfunctional family life when young, broken and abusive relationships and depression had resulted in a long term alcohol problem. Her life could be described as chaotic and yet, throughout all of this she had managed to hold down a job for her whole adult life. Nevertheless, she had struggled to manage her finances and came to us with over £20k in debts, mainly in council tax, rent and bills. She was referred by floating support worker at Riverside who saw she needed expert help. She was facing council tax bailiffs and a committal to prison but we intervened on her behalf to halt those proceedings and begin a request for bankruptcy, the only way that she could move on from such financial breakdown. However, she did not have the fee necessary to file and so we applied to the United Utilities Trust on her behalf and she received a grant. She was then able to proceed with the bankruptcy and clear her debts. This gave her the resolve to tackle her problems with alcohol and begin to improve her health and quality of life.

An administration order brings relief

Terri, 55 had suffered multiple bereavements. In a cruel series of events, she had lost both of her sons in accidents and also her partner and mother, all in the space of a couple of years. When she came to us she was very distressed. She had received more than one visit from bailiffs representing the funeral directors she had used to bury her son, who were attempting to remove items from her house. She was unable to make the payments having lost her job through poor health following such devastating experiences. Before this she had worked successfully for more than 25 years. She had even used money from her granddaughter’s savings to try and make payments to the recovery company. Our debt supervisor applied for an Administration order and got her a hearing before a judge. He halted the recovery process by the bailiffs and ordered that Terri pay off her debt at £5 per month which was manageable for her. She was incredibly relived and a further trauma had been averted for her when she was terribly vulnerable and hurt.